Picture This! (5)

Kristinehamns Konstmuseum
5.5. – 17.6.2001

A set of 20 stereo-viewers are mounted in a straight row onto the museum's third floor windows, which offer a view onto parts of what once used to be Sweden's largest mental hospital. The exhibition includes six new stereophotos, out of which five were taken in and around Kristinehamn: "sun", "tree", "graveyard", "car", "police" and "museum".

hereandgone (4)

Kristinehamns Konstmuseum: 12.5.2001, 14 hrs. (duration: 23 min.)
actors: Gunnar Andersson, Hampus Johannsson, Oliver Hangl
soundtrack by: UKO (2), Oliver Hangl

”hereandgone (4)” relates back to ”hereandgone (2)”, with similar conditions prevailing. Again, the performance-setting is built into the exhibition room, showing two adjacent flats, in which parallel scenes can be followed out of a distance of 5 meters. However, with no windows used and two new narratives brought in, this performance offers a different, more dramatized approach to its central theme.

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