Picture This! (2)

Ronneby kulturcentrum
10.2. – 4.3.2001

As a reaction to the windowless main exhibition space of Ronneby kulturcentrum, the stereo-viewers are mounted onto a long row of old windows, which Hangl found in the storage rooms. The exhibition is extended by a set of new stereophotos: "hitchhiker", "squaredancing", "choir", which were all taken in Ronneby, plus additional two new stereophotos which are mounted onto the outside of the two performance rooms’ glass-windows: "kissing couple", "dinner guest".

hereandgone (2)

Ronneby kulturcentrum, 10.2.2001,
part 1: 16 hrs. (duration: 20 min.), part 2: 17 hrs. (duration: 5 min.)
part 1: Inger Norryd, Oliver Hangl
part 2: The Voice Acrobats (conductor Sofia Losell), Oliver Hangl
soundtrack by: part 1: UKO (2), Oliver Hangl, part 2: Oliver Hangl (arr. Sofia Losell)

”hereandgone (2)” consists of two separate performances, which both take place in a setting very similar to ”hereandgone (1)”: two adjacent appartments (separated by a fake wall), which can be looked into from the outside. However, the white-cube architecture of the performance-space requires a more artifical construction of the setting. Thus, the audience is kept in a 5-meter-distance by merely drawing a line.
After the performance, the setting becomes part of the exhibition. On the outside of its glass-windows, two stereo-viewers are fixed, each showing a stereoscopic photo taken in the actual room behind.

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