Picture This! (4)

Framtidsmuseet, Borlänge
1.4. – 29.4.2001

Being set in the main exhibition hall, a new frame is used for the installation. 12 out of 19 stereo-viewers are fixed on top of three fake brick walls, which Hangl discovered in one of the building's hallways. Like in the Västerås-exhibition, the viewer is forced into a clearly voyeuristic position by having to climb the fake stone-benches in order to look at the photos. Moreover, looking across the walls enhances the feeling of peeping into the neighbour's garden. The other seven stereo-viewers are mounted onto two of the museum's street-level windows, so that the viewer is fully exposed from the outside.
Once again, the exhibition is extended by a set of new stereophotos, which were taken inside the Framtidsmuseet and in the town of Borlänge: "mirror cabinet", "into perspective", "stage show".
Also, a new video is added to the installation. The video shows a children's choir singing an a-capella version of Hangl's ”Mr. Rose”-song. Alas, the situation seems strange: seen through a window from the outside, the choir is standing in a flat, singing to a lead vocal, whose singer appears to be missing. The video is a result of the "hereandgone (2)"-performance at Ronneby kulturcentrum (link to page: about the performance). Being shown on the TV-set of the museum's "original living room from the 50ies"-exhibition room, the video is well hidden.

hereandgone (3)

Kosmorama Planetarium, Borlänge, 3.4.2001 18 hrs. (duration: 20 min.)
actor: Oliver Hangl
soundtrack by: UKO (2), Oliver Hangl
technician: Håkan Sandin

”hereandgone (3)” is a solo-performance exclusively developed for the Kosmorama Planetarium at Framtidsmuseet, a cinema built in the tradition of 180°-projection-type Imax-theaters. Employing the broad range of its audiovisual media (and with great technical assistance), Hangl creates a dramatized multimedia-show, in which the viewer may immerse into various macro- and micro-universes. Images from space are mixed with such of people in lonely situations, both spaces inciting us to project our fantasies upon. In the end, a short animation shows the earth with a faceless man standing on its top, as Hangl appears on screen singing his ”Mr. Rose”-song with his eyes closed. Surprisingly, the image is produced live, as he is actually standing in the dark cinema, being filmed by a night-shot videocamera.

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